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What Does GSM Stand For and How is Sportswear Fabric Weight Measured?

What Does GSM Stand For and How is Sportswear Fabric Weight Measured?

Issue Time:2021-04-13
What Does GSM Stand For and How is Sportswear Fabric Weight Measured?
Sportswear Fabric Weight Measured

What Does GSM Stand For?

Sportswear fabric weight will be measured in grams per square meter (g/m² or gsm) or in ounce per square yard (oz/y², often abbreviated to oz.) 
GSM stands for grams per square meter, and is a standard measurement for knitted fabric weight. It is an important technical index of custom sportswear fabric. For example, 200g/m² mean the weight of knitted fabric per square meter is 200 grams. A higher number means a heavier fabric.

How is Fabric Weight Measured ?

GSM is the weight of a knitted fabric that is 1 meter long by 1 meter wide. If there is no such large wholesale activewear fabric on hand, fabric can be scaled down and weighed, then the calculation result can be converted back. For example, we get the fabric weight of 0.1 meter by 0.1 meter, then converted it to 1 meter.
Light fabric is usually between 30-150g/m2, medium weight is 150-350g/m2, and the heavy weight is above 350g/m2. The weight of wholesale workout clothes fabric is determined by the weaving method, surface treatment and sometimes fiber type of fabric. The higher the GSM, the higher the fabric density.

How does the weight of the wholesale fitness clothing fabric affect the thickness of the fabric? Usually, the heavier the weight, the thicker the fabric, however weight doesn't tell you how thick the fabric is. Wholesale athletic wear fabrics with different fibers or tissues but the same weight may not have exactly the same thickness

The weight of the fabric can help you decide if it is the most suitable fabric to use. When choosing the wholesale activewear fabric, it is necessary to understand some parameters of the fabric, such as composition, texture, density, weight, width, thickness, workmanship, etc. For example, denser, heavier, more tightly woven, and thicker fabrics are usually tough. So, if you need tough wholesale workout clothes, look at heavier weights. Also we need to know more about the application range of the wholesale fitness clothing fabric.

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